About me

Hi, my name is Eli Cohen and welcome to my site: Golden Silver Gems. I am very passionate about jewellery and also have a love of gold and silver, this is the reason for starting this website, to share my knowledge with the world.

My family is three generations of jewellers owning in both United Kingdom and Australia. From a young age my father and grandfather would teach me about the making of jewellery and I would spend hours watching them both work until I was old enough to learn the craft myself.

In my early twenties I met my wife Jenny, who’s family are gold prospectors, so also learnt from her family about the mysteries of mining and how amazing it is to find gold, not just make it into jewellery.

A friend of mine suggested that I should start this website with all of the knowledge that I have about metals and gemstones.

Hope you enjoy the information on this site.

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